Startup Strategy & Facebook Ads

SaaS - Proof Of Concept Campaign

JCE Media was tasked with creating a proof-of-concept campaign. The client wanted to generate leads below $10. Within the first 60 days, JCE was producing leads at $4.78 per lead. 


Jacques was able to help us hone in on what we were doing wrong in terms of targeting our prospects. Within weeks we filled our pipeline with 20 new calls on a weekly basis with new prospects who had already been prequalified

Linkedin Marketing & Cold Email

High-Value SaaS Products

JCE Media created an automated Linkedin outreach process and combined this with cold email campaign. The campaign had a 60% rate due to hyper-personalization and we converted 54% of new conversations into demos booked. 

Marketing Strategy & Media Buying

B2B SaaS Demo Bookings

JCE Media was responsible for the creation and execution of a funded B2B Saas Company. The campaign was promoted on Facebook and produced 290 leads in 30 days. JCE Media’s campaigns produced 450% more qualified leads than any other campaigns the client ran before.

Conversion Rate Optimization

B2C SaaS - Proof Of Concept Campaign

JCE Media took over the ad management and conversion rate optimization for a funded B2B Saas Company. JCE Media decreased their cost per lead from £69 to £16. 

Lead Generation

Linkedin Paid Ads & Event Marketing

We were responsible for filling an event with high-value investors and prospects for a niche financial services company.  JCE Media generated 43 conversions in 30 days with Linkedin ads and in total, over 200 registrations were obtained for New York and 140 registrations for LA. 

Marketing Funnel Design

B2C SaaS- Proof of Concept Campaign

JCE Media created a full strategy that calculated every variable in the marketing journey to determine the exact numbers required in order to achieve the client’s goals. The projections, user journey and strategy were later sent to investors who funded the company for $300k. 

UI & UX Design

Proof of Concept Campaign

JCE Media was responsible for conceptualization and design of the UI & UX. The company later received over $1 milion in funding.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The 7-Figure Blueprint

JCE Media has developed the ultimate marketing strategy process that helps our clients generate more leads, sales and revenue.

Creative Development & Ad Strategy

Lead Magnets | Nurturing Sequences | Free Trails

JCE Media was responsible for creating brand assets that could be used to increase the number of free trails booked. JCE Media generated 122 conversions in the first 90 days of working with a start-up company.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?